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Eggs For Sale

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Come to the farm and get fresh eggs today!

Fresh Eggs Here

1+2+3+4 = Ten Eggs

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The chickens are coming through on their end of the deal… we feed them fine, organic food, and keep them happy, then they give us brown eggs. The eggs are here! Ten a day so far. Good job chickens. We have 50 hens, so we should, theoretically, be getting 45-ish a day on our best day… sometime soon. If you want eggs, please let me know! I have them available. And boy, are they tasty! Mmmm.


Patches has a new home. We found her food possessiveness too much around the babies, and she has a new home on a new farm. Thanks for all of the interest in her.
Ava is a fabulous mommy. Her kids, Bambi and Flower, are still jumping and practicing their acrobatics.
Arrianne and Isabelle, our two Nubians, are happily co-existing with Ava, the babies, and Sassy & George.
Sassy is filling out and looking mighty goaty. She is still a little person in a goat-suit, but very happy pretending that she is a goat.
And George, is our King of the Beasts. He is coming into his own as the only male among some very eligible and good looking females, if you get what I mean! 😉

They graze, chew cud. Sleep, drink. Graze, swat a fly, moo, chew cud, drink, doze.

After seeing other people’s pigs get weighed at the Northampton Cooperative Auction on Tuesday, Myles thinks that our pigs are nearer to three-hundred pounds (each) than I thought. They will be freezered soon.

Who knew that I could come to LOVE those sort-of ugly creatures? They are very lovable, and growning very well on grass, bugs, weeds, grain and scratch-feeds.

Family News: We went out for dinner at Elmer’s in Ashfield. Wow! What a great local dinner! They served up: Grilled Shrimp (for Myles) or Sesame Tofu (for me), with Jasmine Rice, Succotash and Peach Salsa Salad. Seth had yummy macaroni and cheese. Great dinner, onnly Friday night’s frm 5 to 9.
Elmer’s Store is located at 396 Main St., Ashfield, MA 01330
Phone: (413) 628-4003