In Chickens on September 2, 2007 at 11:57 am

At long last… an egg!

We walked into the pen with the assorted colored chickens– all brown egg layers — and there was a very over-protective Barred Rock who reached out to go out of her way to peck at me. THAT was not usual. It took about two seconds before I realized that she had an EGG. This is discovered egg number one for our fifty-plus flock. I am sure that some of the free-range chickens have been laying for a little while, but we just have not discovered their eggs.

Sometime today we are scheduled to construct a very large chicken enclosure in our big barn, and hang roosting boxes — which are yet to be built. Now that there has been an egg-sighting (or egg-xciting!) we need to hurry through this process so that the chickens can get comfortable in their new environment and LAY EGGS. This is what we have been dumping organic feed at $18-$25 a week into them for, since April.

  1. Congratulations! My flock numbers all of four, but the first eggs were so eggsciting! –geo

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