They are the eggmen…

In Chickens on October 11, 2007 at 12:44 am

Rain, rain go away… come again another day.
It has been raining for more than a day here in the hills of western Massachusetts. Personally, I love the rain, but the animals aren’t fans of the rain. The chickens spend time in their pasture scratching and playing and mudbathing, but aren’t as happy as they usually are outside. The goats are a species that originated in Africa — Nubians and Boers. They prefer hot and dry. The cows are cows — they ALWAYS prefer dry. The piggies are happy enough outside. The turkeys are weird. They might be happy in the rain, but I am not sure that I would know it. They are roosted IN the rain tonight ON the fenceline to the cows pasture — I didn’t get them rounded up in time at dusk tonight– so I hope that they make it through the night with all of our preditators stalking them out there.

Myles managed to finish the moving of the house that the Delaware chickens and Cock-a-Doo the Delaware Rooster live in at night. The house didn’t end up where we had planned to drag it on its skids, but it did move. Unfortunately for my herbs, the house is sitting on top of them — it is eerily similar to Dorothy and the Wicked Witch her house smushed. The thyme will probably be okay– and I think that I can move it. The chives and cilantro are smushed. The onions are gonzo, as are the tomatoes that used to live where the truck and house drove and got dragged. That last sentence really stunk, but you know what I meant, I hope. This house is really kind of large… we are not talking a little 4 by 8 chicken abode– this is a McMansion version of house — it is almot nine feet wide, and more than 12 feet long. It has a porch roof overhang and is big enough for calves, sheep, chickens… many, many animals have called this structure home over the years.

Lots of eggs were layed today — and some of the black chickens are laying enormous eggs — they barely fit in the middle of a Large Egg carton. We are very pleased with our ladies. Try some of our fresh, organically-fed pastured chicken eggs today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.


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