A Few Thousand More Words

In General Farm News on October 22, 2007 at 4:42 pm

Eggs Available Here

Broiler/Roaster Chicks Have Arrived.
Mmm. Chicken, it's what will be for dinner.

Delaware Chickens House
The house that we moved on skids.

Lilac Turkeys House
Myles' -- er --The house that Jack built

Here are a few pictures to catch up with the happenings at the farm.
Five days ago, our one-day-old broiler/roaster cornish hens arrived. They should be available for Christmas gift-giving. 🙂
The Delaware Chicken house was moved on skids, across the road a week ago, so that all of the chickens and turkeys could be living on the same side of the road, and have more pasture space.
The turkey house is used only to confine the birds at night. Same for the chickens. There are a lot of predators who would love organically-fed chicken or turkey meat.

  1. I have enjoyed reading about the goings-on at the farm. Though I don’t farm yet, I have a secret desire to raise chickens and absolutely adore Belted Galloways.

    I look forward to more updates!

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