But Really, HAVE you TRIED the EGGS?

In General Farm News on November 2, 2007 at 1:21 pm

How LOCAL are you shopping? Are you like me, and pick up everything in the grocery store and read both the ingredients and look for where it was manufactured or made? What stores are you shopping at?

I have a few off-farm jobs. We have to in order to purchase the grain and hay and supplies for our farm. It is our goal to farm full-time (with no off-farm employment) as soon as possible…though that will be a few years off. Anyways, I was stocking shelves last night, and read a new sticker that was placed over the box that used to read Made in the U.S.A on these envelopes… and it now reads (courtesy of the sticker): Made in Mexico.  I then straightened the shelves and prepared to leave the store for the night, and realized that about 30% of the paper products that I was pulling to the front and making look pretty were manufactured in Mexico.  I have nothing against Mexico, but found it strangely interesting.

Food. We love food. We all need food.

But really, have you tried our eggs? They are hormone free, antibiotic free, pastured brown eggs from chickens that were exclusively fed pasture scratchings and organic feed from Vermont. We’re trying to keep it local.

My other job is in public radio at WFCR– where we are fund raising. If you haven’t made a pledge, it is a very community-minded, and local thing to do. I keep thinking that I may be the only public radio farmer out there.

Really, the eggs are great– you’ve gotta try them today.

Here is Myles with a goat. We love our goats as well as the chickens. Come by and visit. We’d love to see you!


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