November 1, 2008

In General Farm News on November 2, 2007 at 2:04 am

We made it through another Halloween in Shelburne. After getting suited up and ready for the Rag Shag Parade in Shelburne Falls, we found that one of the goats had two ticks on her… so we removed and burned up the ticks, THEN went to the parade… and basically missed it — apparently seven minutes late in Shelburne Falls means that you are out of luck.

We had also had some bad luck with the broiler chicks that we are raising… we are apparently killing then by allowing them to eat as much as they want. When the poultry suppliers say that the chicks should be fed for twelve hours only, and then have their food removed from the pen, I guess that they really mean it. We have lost five chicks so far.

We still have lots and lots of fresh brown eggs available.

I received some fabulous gifts for my birthday last week — an incubator with egg turner and all of the extras, and an egg candler. We will be trying our hands at hatching Delaware chicks within the week. My Americunas (blue/green egg layers) will be arriving in a week and a half. I figure that they will miss out on laying for Easter, but will be by June/July 2008.


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