A Resounding Success!

In Chickens, General Farm News on December 1, 2007 at 12:05 pm

Okay, we are happy. Thanksgiving Turkeys were fabulous. A little small this year, but, by all accounts, and judging by the two that we tasted; they were flavorful, plenty moist and very tender.

Planning ahead for next year: In addition to the heritage breed -Lilac – turkey eggs that we will be hatching in our incubator through the spring, we will be raising twenty other heritage breed standard turkeys that we will be purchasing early in the spring. A percentage of all of the turkeys will be offered for fall dinners.

On the chicken front: We had an incredibly successful trial run hatch of Delaware Chicken eggs. We collected 23 eggs from our flock (there is a Delaware rooster in with the ladies) and popped them in the incubator. Lo and behold, we now have 17 healthy, happy, chirpy and yellow chicks. That is an amazing hatch-rate, if you are not in the chicken-field. Eventually these little chicks will feather out into their beautiful white body feathers and iridescent black plumes on their tail and around their neck. Not all of these 17 will be “ladies” — I am eager to see how many are roosters.

Our Amercauna chicks are some of the most hearty chicks I have ever seen! There are many color variations acceptable in the breed standard, and it looks as if we are raising Silver standard (large, not bantam). We will know for sure which variety they are as they feather out.

Ameraucanas lay blue-green eggs. I can’t wait until we can offer “Green Eggs and Ham!”


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