Come to the Market! Tuesday “After Work”

In Chickens, General Farm News, Heritage Turkeys on May 3, 2008 at 4:16 pm
  • We are very excited to participate in the Guiding Star Grange Farmers Market on Chapman Street in Greenfield, MA on Tuesday from 3 to 6 p.m.  It will be a good time for you to stop in and say “hi,” buy a dozen eggs from us, and perhaps grab a nifty handcrafted item, or some local produce. This market runs through October, 2008.  So… I hope you’ll say HI on Tuesday, from 3 to 6… I’ll be at 401 Chapman Street, Greenfield at the Farmers Market at Guiding Star Grange.
  • Very exciting — our home-hatched heritage breed Delaware chickens (the ones we hatched in November and December) have layed their first two eggs.  One was a brown pullet-sized egg (little) and one was a larger brown egg.
  • We have our flock of Delaware Chickens and one rooster (who were the mommies and daddies) of the Delawares that JUST began laying today, for sale. We have had a few inquiries and are waiting to complete the transaction.  We have also offered the young Delawares (that just began laying) to a small farmer in Williamsburg, and we hope that she will begin to enjoy them in a few weeks.
  • My Americaunas should begin to lay blue/green eggs soon, as they are the same age as the young Delawares.
  • We are continuing to hatch heritage breed Lilac turkey poults… three last night, and more on the way! Remember that the goal is 30 turkeys for “finishing” in time for Thanksgiving.  Get your order and reservation in now!  We sold out last year, and were getting late requests for fresh heritage turkeys that we felt really bad about not being able to fill — so– plan ahead! Fresh, succulent, pastured  heritage breed turkeys for your special November dinner plate.  Mmmm.  Good.

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