Even Easier

In Chickens on June 19, 2008 at 1:44 pm

It has gotten dramatically easier to obtain Wells Tavern Farm brown and tinted eggs in the local area! 

Not only are they available at the farm, and they have been available in Greenfield at the Guiding Star Farmer’s Market on Tuesday afternoons from 3-6 on Chapman Street (excepting the two weeks when I was sick, or this week when I was in the labor and delivery unit of the hospital being evaluated), but now, our eggs are available (in somewhat limited supply– first come first served) at McCusker’s Market, across from the Iron Bridge and Bridge of Flowers on the Buckland side of Shelburne Falls.

These eggs are, as always, produced from hens that are free-ranging, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, who forage on pesticide-free grass, worms, etc… and eat locally produced (Souther Vermont) grains that contain no animal by-products or creepy ingredients.

  • Hooray for the Hens!  Eat your eggs today!
  • Currently, supplying our eggs are Buff Orpingtons, a few Australorps, a Delaware, and Americaunas (the tinted eggs — green to blue in color).

We have a batch of Rhode Island Red Chicks that should start to lay in the mid-fall, and add to the brown egg producers as well.

We have hatched out our last baby turkeys for the season, and back in the chicken department, we have acquired the last of the baby chicks that we will raise for the year — we have 25 barnyard mix chicks that we boought from a family in Barre, MA about a month ago, a more recent acquisition of Brahama chicks (very heavy birds — meat and egg producing) and more of my favorites — 25 Buff Orpingtons!  These babies should start laying between Halloween and Thanksgiving.



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