Arrivals: Geese and a Kid Goat

In Chickens, General Farm News, goats on July 27, 2008 at 12:54 pm

This just in ~

While I was at work at the public radio station Saturday, the rest of the family packed our children up and drove to a local farm “tag” sale — I guess, from what I hear it was a kind of multi-family, farm oriented and household sale. There were chicken feeds, water tubs, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, and all kinds of miscellaneous things for sale. From what I understand, there were about twenty cars parked at this farm, with the associated people excitedly exploring the wares for sale. We were hoping to purchase some field water tanks, and chicken feeders — but just as my husband drove in, he watched someone literally run over to the display of feeders, and grab them all…except for the one waterer with the split seam. He did not come hope with any feeders. He did, however, bring home some stuff. Seth asked for some peacock feathers ($5 and got them) and Myles offered $15 for a dog crate and got two free geese in it. Yup. Geese. My mom brought home a $5 microwave (that works better than our old one!) and some miscellaneous kitchen utensils. Everyone decided that it was a good day and lots of fun.

So, now we have two geese in addition to the rest of the animals on the farm. The geese have been named Laverne and Shirley, and are currently living alongside the ducks in the cow pasture.

Bambi, one of the youngest of our Boer-cross goats (born last summer) kidded yesterday evening, with a beautiful Boer-cross female. Bambi has a beautiful goat udder, but very little maternal instinct. We’ll see how this goes — it is always an adventure when dealing with the goats!

And I just realized that in the height of their laying this fall, we will likely be collecting five-six dozen chicken eggs a day.  By then we will also be getting a dozen or so duck eggs everyday, or maybe every other day.  We are newbies to raising ducks and geese, so that prediction is little more than a stab in the dark, along with a healthy dose of hope.

Don’t forget the turkeys!  If you are thinking that you will want a local, fresh heritage turkey for Thanksgiving this year, make sure that you send me a comment or email, or phone call — so we get you on the list — we have about forty birds available — and when they are gone, they’re gone!

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