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The Turkey Countdown Is On!

In General Farm News, goats, Heritage Turkeys, Pigs on October 24, 2008 at 1:32 am

The yearly countdown has begun.  We raised a heritage variety of turkey from eggs that we hatched on the farm this spring — and after what has seemed like a long spring and summer — it is finally fall and Thanksgiving is coming upon us fast.  There are a limited number of birds still available, and when they are gone, they’re gone.

Our turkeys have dined on vegetables, grass, all the little buggies and worms that they sought out while foraging in their pastures, along with an antibiotic-free Vermont-based grain mix. These guys have never, ever eaten anything with hormone supplements, or other creepy-additives.  The turkeys will be available for $3.50 a pound until we are sold out.  I’d suggest that if you are interested, that you reserve early, rather than wait and be disappointed.  The flavor and smell of a fresh heritage turkey will knock your socks off.

Duck eggs.  I had never tasted a duck egg until a week ago.  WOW! They are SO different from chicken eggs– a clean, rich taste and a lovely mouth-feel.   Slightly more cholesterol than a chicken egg, but totally out-of-this-world.  We have some available for sale, occasionally, so if you are interested, call and see if we have any fresh ones available.  Our ducks are heritage breeds for the most part: Silver Appleyards, Saxony’s a few Rouen, a Magpie or two.  My husband is the duck-specialist; I was pregnant when we discussed which ducks to get, and then Holderread ran out of the breed that we especially wanted, and we accepted a partial substitution — and then I had a baby, and I can’t remember anything anymore.  I do know that we bought the bulk of the flock of ducks from Holderread Waterfowl Farm, in Oregon, as day old ducklings in the spring.

We have a beautiful high percentage Boer buck goat from the UMass Amherst farm available for either stud service and/or sale. He is beautiful and has sired some lovely and extremely healthy kids for the past two seasons on our farm.  Call for more information.  He will only leave our farm if you are offering the right life and situation for him.

Any day now, we will be getting our two Gloustershire Old spots Pigs back, um, in little USDA labeled vacuum sealed packages of heritage piggy goodness.

The Belted Galloways, goose, remaining GOS pigs, goat herd, and flocks of birds: chickens, turkeys, etc, are all enjoying dining on extra vegetables like squash, green beans, wheatgrass, leaf lettuce and other yummy morsels.

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