An Earthy Pork Experience

In Pigs on November 1, 2008 at 11:31 am

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs

Our heritage breed pigs produce meat that is darker, meatier, tenderer and more marbled than what is more commonly available today. Wells Tavern Farm Heritage Breed Cured and Smoked Sliced Bacon has a delicate smoke flavor that doesn’t mask its clean, heritage pork essence — it’s an earthy pork experience!


The Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS) pigs that we raise have evolved very little from their very ancient origins in Gloucestershire, England. Currently, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Lists the GOS status as “critical” – meaning there is an estimated worldwide population of under 2,000. It is, therefore, as important to respect and appreciate the GOS by raising them for sale as piglets, and sharing them as pork products as it is to savor the meat that these pigs provide.


Though the farming practices and locations have evolved, one continuous characteristic of this heritage breed is its hardy nature; they can withstand harsh weather and adverse conditions, which gives them a distinct advantage to conventional factory-farm pig breeds, given that we are raising them on pasture in Western New England. The GOS pig can withstand the rugged nature of the climate due to their higher body fat ratio as compared to conventional factory-farmed breeds. We find that our heritage pigs are as happy grazing freely on the green things that grow in the pasture that the cows, goats, turkeys and chickens graze, as they are when eating a complete, balanced grain ration, along with fruit and vegetable garden cast-offs.


We have raised many breeds of pigs through the decades. The GOS is the most friendly, smart and thoroughly pleasurable pig available. It is also a very distinctive looking pig: black spots on a white body, and has huge droopy ears, reminiscent of drastically oversized Nubian Goat ears.


Did You Know?
“Once you try Gloucestershire Old Spots pork, you’ll turn your back on the tasteless, dried up, intensively reared pork forever.” – Derek Cooper on the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme



Price Per Lb


Rib End Roast


Boneless Pork Butt


Boneless Shoulder Roast




Smoked, Cured Bacon


Smoked Ham Steak


Smoked Ham Butt


Smoked Ham Shank


Smoked Ham Shoulder


Sweet Italian Sausage


Pork Neck Bones for Stock






Leaf Lard


Pork Tail




Meat is available by calling 413.625.2797




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