They are All Gone. Sold Out.

In General Farm News, goats, Heritage Turkeys, Pigs on November 5, 2008 at 3:16 pm

Thank you all for inquiring, and especially thank you to those of you who have reserved — all of the turkeys are sold out for Thanksgiving.


We are offering Bacon, Sweet Sausage, Ham Steaks, Lard, Roasts, etc, for sale now.  Call or email to inquire.

Cut Price Per Lb
Rib End Roast $8.50
Boneless Pork Butt $7.50
Boneless Shoulder Roast $7.00
Spareribs $4.50
Smoked, Cured Bacon $6.00
Smoked Ham Steak $8.00
Smoked Ham Butt $7.50
Smoked Ham Shank $7.50
Smoked Ham Shoulder $7.00
Sweet Italian Sausage $6.00
Pork Neck Bones for Stock $2.50
Fatback $2.75
Kidney $4.00
Leaf Lard $3.75
Pork Tail $2.75

George, our 7/8 Boer Buck is for sale as well. Call for more information.


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