Mark You Calendar — February Farmers Market

In Uncategorized on February 1, 2009 at 1:40 pm

After a really great Farmers Market last Saturday in Bernardston, I am sending my husband out again to another *new* Farmers Market– February 28th in Montague. It will be held (get out your daybook and pen, please…) at the High School (TFHS) from 9 a.m. to Noon. Bring your shopping list, as there is great diversity in the products available at farmers markets: you will be guaranteed FRESH and LOCAL goods — and as for the diversity… there is everything from maple syrup from one farm, sausage and eggs from another, to apples and sprouts, cheese and baked goods.

What can’t you find at a farmers market? You won’t find the multinational factory-farmed products: no velveeta, no white castle mini burgers, and no Unilever brands. By trying out a locally raised, locally grown product you will be doing a few things: if you have never tried local hamburger, or local artisan cheese, or local honey or local apples — then you are missing out on a real taste experience. If you have not yet made a purchase at a farmers market, then take a half hour, and attend the market, please, and buy just one product: be it eggs, steaks, a loaf of bread. Something in your price range, something that you want to eat.

Your purchase will support your neighbors who raised and crafted the product. In turn, your neighbors will use the money to continue to pay their property taxes, patronize your local markets, attend your local church or temple, and continue to do the farming that does not harm the environment, perform the animal husbandry that treasures & focuses on the welfare of the animal, and helps you reduce your food miles and carbon footprint, all while you enjoy a healthier, fresher and more tasty food item grown by your neighbor. You really can’t lose by making a purchase at the Farmers Market.

If you simply can’t wait until February 28th, then, by all means, please call us, and place your pre-order for free delivery (up to twenty five or so miles) for our great heritage breed, pastured ham steaks, really tasty sweet italian sausage, smoked and cured bacon (a product that we are almost sold out of) and other fabulous heritage pastured Gloucestershire Old Spots pig products. Reserve your Belted Galloway beef now, too. What cut are you looking for?

Numbers: We have 86 chickens and roosters. We have dozens of eggs available daily. Stop by and pick some up today. Just three dollars a dozen.


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