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In Uncategorized on February 7, 2009 at 9:21 pm

It is February in New England, and that means that I am thinking about Memorial Day as the magical day to have the garden planted, and then see who wins this year: the vegetables and I, or the arch rival, weeds.

Fedco Seeds will be shipping the beginning of my seed order in about two weeks. I still have not decided on a few vegetable varieties, but decided to place my order early (now) to make sure that the important seeds were ordered. Maybe I will shop locally for the other veggie seeds when I decide what they will be.  Hmmm.

I do know that ordering online using the Quick Order feature at Fedco is super simple and intuitive. Kudos to them for that feature.  It seemed a natural fit for our little farm to order from this cold-hearty seed cooperative.  They are committed to supporting organic and intelligent farming and gardening — they hold the same beliefs that we do.

So far, we have:
Masai Bush Haricots Verts, Maxibel Bush Haricots Verts OG,
Super Zagross Middle Eastern Slicing Cucumber, Eight Ball Zucchini, Gentry Summer Squash,Yaya Carrot OG, Over the Rainbow Carrot Mix, Hailstone Radish (WHITE), Andover Parsnip (coming late MARCH), Red Sails Lettuce OG, Merlot Lettuce OG, Lollo Rossa Lettuce, Anuenue Lettuce OG, Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato OG, Rutgers Tomato OG,
Pineapple Tomato OG, Sunflower Sampler, Beneficials Mix (herbs and flowers).

Here is what the seed catalog describes the Beneficials Mix as:

Melangus perplexus (Spurious botanical name courtesy of your intrepid copywriter.) “When you increase the diversity of an ecosystem you enhance its ability to maintain itself and to resist perturbation.” Frank Morton inspired 75 seed growers with his talk on Whole Farm Cropping Systems at a Restoring Our Seed seminar. One way to increase the diversity of your ecosystem is to sow this mix of annuals, biennials and perennials that will attract and maintain a diverse population of beneficial insects to help manage pests in the garden. Comprised of alyssum, bachelor button, borage, gem marigold, dill, fennel, Phacelia tanacetifolia or fiddleneck, caraway, parsley, golden marguerite, ajuga, basket of gold alyssum, and Rocky Mountain penstemon, this mix should be planted as a hedgerow close to the garden. Instead of resorting to toxic sprays, attract hover flies, ladybugs, lacewings, parasitic wasps, tachnids, spiders, minute pirate bugs, damsel flies and big-eyed bugs and let them devour the “bad” bugs! Something will be blooming from spring through fall. Plant in spring in full sun in a well-prepared weed-free seedbed. Should any variety become unavailable we will substitute one with similar efficacy. A big hit with our customers since its 2004 introduction.

Wells Tavern Farm Belted Galloway Beef is coming in a few weeks! Pre-order now.

No antibiotics, no medications, no grains, no creepy additives.  Just green pasture and natural hay… and lots and lots of fresh mineral rich deep well water.

When the vegetables become availabe, we will be making them available for sale. Look for signs and a stand this summer.


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