At Last Count: 95 Lilac Turkey Eggs in the Incubator This Morning

In Uncategorized on February 22, 2009 at 2:09 pm

Here is our first installment in a series called “At Last Count” At Wells Tavern Farm, we do things slowly, conservatively and above all, as ecologically soundly as possible. It is because of our dedication to heritage and heirloom varieties that we are raising Lilac (or more often Slate) Turkeys. This morning, at last count, the incubator housed 95 Lilac Turkey eggs yet to hatch, and we have had three poults born already this year.

After a few years of tweaking our husbandry methods, and very successfully raising heritage turkeys, we have decided to    e x p a n d    turkey production greatly this year.

Speaking of production, our second number in the “At Last Count” series, is 285. Two hundred eighty five pounds of grassfed heritage Belted Galloway beef.
What is this beef made of? No added hormones, no antibiotics, no grain, no growth stimulants, nothing creepy… just beef created by hay from Conway, Ashfield, and Shelburne, grassy pasture from Ashfield and Shelburne, and naturally mineral-rich deep well water from Ashfield and Shelburne. Truly local and healthy beef. Rich in Omega-3’s. And very, very tasty.

Try some today.


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