Food For Thought Farmer’s Market

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Saturday morning, I am headed off to work at 88.5 WFCR, public radio for Western New England, and sending my husband to the farmer’s market.  He will be offering our fabulous pastured, (grain-free, hormone-free, antibiotic free and stimulant free) Belted Galloway Beef for sale for the first time, as well as our heritage pastured Gloucestershire Old Spots Bacon,  Ham Steaks and a few other cuts.  We will also have farm fresh blue/green and brown eggs for sale, which come from out lovely (in season) free-ranged, happy hens.  If you want to guarantee yourself a free range heritage Turkey, born and raised in Shelburne (LOCAL) for Thanksgiving, than you should sign up for our reminder service when you come to the market on Saturday.  Or send me an email or leave a comment…


We are selling started turkey poults later this spring, and hatching out baby turkeys for thanksgiving at present.  Later this spring, we will be offering Light Brahma Chicken chicks for sale as well.  The Light Brahmas are a fabulous meat and brown egg chicken.  They are about 12 pounds as a full grown chicken hen.  Roosters are bigger.  All are tasty.  They lay very large brown eggs.


Food For Thought … Farmers’ Market
Turners Falls High School
Saturday, February 28, 2009
9 a.m. – 12 noon

Your Local Farmers and Local Friends

Diemand Farm – Wendell  – Eggs and Turkey, Graves-Glen Farm – Shelburne – Maple Products, Little Brook Farm – Sunderland – Lamb and Wool, River-Maple Farm – Bernardston – Beef, Backdoor Bakery – Shelburne  – Baked Goods, Bingo Granola – Brattleboro, VT – granola, nuts and snacks, Stockbridge Farm – Deerfield- Herbs & lavender, Wells Tavern Farm – Shelburne – Pork, ham, beef & eggs, Hedgie’s Hot Stuff – Belchertown- Salsa & marinades, Songline Emu Farm – Gill- Emu products, Turkey Ridge Farm – Gill -Honey, Bostrom Farm – Greenfield – Pork & beef, Cheshire Gardens – Winchestr, NH – Preserves, mustard, & jam, AND Live music!


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