Gloucestershire Old Spots Easter Ham

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According to the Encyclopedia of Religion, Mircea Eliade editor in chief [MacMillan:New York] 1987, volume 5 (p. 558):
  • “Among Easter foods the most significant is the Easter lamb, which is in many places the main dish of the Easter Sunday meal. Corresponding to the Passover lamb and to Christ, the Lamb of God, this dish has become a central symbol of Easter. Also popular among European and Americans on Easter is ham, because the pig was considered a symbol of luck in pre-Christian Europe.”

You can see more Easter traditions explained, here.

Yes, we have heritage Gloucestershire Old Spots Hams available for Easter.  They are smoked and ultra-yummy.

If you are looking for a main course that is raised locally in a pasture-setting, and is an extremely high quality, flavorful ham, than you need to get one before they are all gone.  Limited supply.  We will deliver up to 25 miles of Shelburne, and welcome visitors to the farm. Please call ahead.

We are taking reservations for Thanksgiving Heritage Lilac Turkeys already; have you reserved your turkey yet?

We are anticipating that today will be the day that our neighbor will bring his male Red Hog up to visit with our Gloucestershire Old Spots female pigs.  If all goes as planned, we should be looking at two litters of piglets of Old Spots crosses in about four months.

Meantime, our little Tamworth piglets that we are raising are growing out very nicely. The Tamworth breed is among the oldest of breeds but as with many older breeds of livestock it is not well suited to modern production methods and is listed as “Threatened” — it is not as rare as the Old Spots breed, but still a heritage breed.  The ginger-colored piglets are significantly more standoffish compared to our GOS (Old Spots) pigs.

The Tamworth is one of the great ‘dual purpose’ pigs producing stunningly good pork as well as equally tremendous bacon. In the mid 1990’s the Tamworth came top in a taste test carried out by Bristol University (England) using both commercial and rare breed pigs in a scientifically controlled experiment.

Slow Food Canada has inducted the Tamworth into the Ark of Taste.

The good news for connoisseurs of great pork, is that Wells Tavern Farm will have pork products from four Tamworth pigs later in the summer, or early fall 2009.  As with all of our products, we are a small multi-generational family farm, and when the products are gone, they’re gone.  Reservations, anyone?


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