Summer Already?

In General Farm News on April 25, 2009 at 1:31 pm

April 25th. The roosters were crowing at 5 a.m. It was a warm 50 plus degrees for morning chores. The temperature is expected to rise into the mid 80′ s today.

Last night I planted the main garden with some cool weather crops — better late than never? Perhaps we’ll return to more springlike weather and everything will be alright.

But today seems like summer.
And the best part? My four year old is in his first fishing derby today at Look Park in Northampton. This is very funny — fishing seems *so* summery to me — and this is a four year old — he received his first fishing pole (a plastic Spiderman rod) for his fourth birthday in February, and he has asked to go fishing every day ever since.  Not that the kid has ever fished before… but he desperately wants to, he thinks.  It seems like a quiet and still sort of sport, so I think that the fit might not be quite right with our four year old.   Mind you, I would love it if he developed the ability to sit still and be silent…the realist in me is screaming: naaahhhh.

We may have been successful with becoming the “grandparents” of future piglets yesterday. The red neighborhood boar was trying his darnedest to successfully “make” Gloucestershire Old Spots cross babies, as it were, with the second GOS lady pig.  We think that the other one is already pregnant — but only by a few weeks.
Swine flu is in the news.   Swine flu is scary stuff — not just because it has a 7% mortality rate (more than twice the 1918 flu mortality rate), but  because it has very little to do with pigs other than sharing a name.

Let it be know that our pigs: the Tamworths, and the GOS’s, have been on the premises long-term, and the neighborhood boar is extremely healthy and lives just down the road. Essentially our little farm is a closed operation. As you can probably guess, our family is extremely local in all ways: we shop locally, we vacation locally (except when we escape to Freyburg or York Maine) we are really homebodies…er… farmbodies — we have far too many critters who depend on us being there for them to travel very far.

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