Patience Produces Purple Peppers

In Uncategorized on April 29, 2009 at 6:07 pm

The (Capsicum annuum) Purple Belle Pepper seed tray that I planted more than a month ago were about three steps from being dumped into the compost, and replanted with something that would actually grow, I was angrily thinking two days ago.  I had half the tray full of Tigerella tomatoes and they are growing like weeds, then there was the other half which was just moist soil.  How disappointing, I thought. 

But the peppers came through… at least some of them decided to anyways.  Maybe it was the telepathy, maybe it was the 90 degree window sill for three days (our little New England mini-April heat wave) … well whatever it was, some of them decided to become productive. 

So much for “extremely easy to grow in practically any climate” on the seed packet.  We’ll see about that. 

But really, have you actually read the seed packets… all of them?  Aren’t most of the little envelopes just waiting to produce reliable, abundant and high yielding crops? They are all also frighteningly easy to raise and covered with more examples of overwhelmingly positive language… I am right, aren’t I?  How about some realism on the seed packets: “Most gardeners will have a mediocre outcome  after much fussing and time invested, so…good luck” or some such nonsense?

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