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Whats in season right now?

Currently we have:

  • duck eggs for sale
  • chicken eggs for sale
  • frozen whole pastured duck for sale
  • pastured, heritage Gloucestershire Old Spots Boneless Pork Butt
  • cuts of heritage Belted Galloway Beef (steaks, kabob, stew, ground)
  • and we are taking reservations for Heritage Pastured Lilac Turkey for Thanksgiving

Today is the exciting day: five new dairy cows arrive.  One of them has already had a calf, and is still milking.  The other four are pregnant and due to calve soon.  Registered Jerseys.  It has been years since we have had registered Jerseys on the property, and it is almost like Christmas today — they are due to be delivered at noon.

Oh — and horned — the four first calf heifers are all horned.

Benefits of Jerseys?  Butterfat… which equals taste.  The mouthfeel and flavor of loca, fresh, real, rich milk is like nothing else.  According to the American Jersey Cattle Club:

Jerseys naturally produce the highest quality milk for human food. Compared to average milk, a glass of all-Jersey milk has greater nutritional value: 15% to 20% more protein, 15% to 18% more calcium, and 10% to 12% more phosphorous, along with considerably higher levels of an essential vitamin, B12.

Personality.  This breed is thoughtful, and curious, and they usually have a good sense of humor… we used to have a few that would play with their tongues for hours on end — flipping them around in the air, rolling them up, picking their noses… and they are a smaller breed of cow — producing less nitrogen and manure.


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