We Visited the Northfield Farmer’s Market…

In General Farm News on June 6, 2009 at 10:31 am

Thursday last week was a funny day. We had talked about setting up and selling meat at the Northfield Farmers Market on Thursdays, for months. As a family we had discussed the market options since January… and finally about three hours before the Nfld Market opened on the 4th, we decided to set up and see what would happen.  It was a lovely partly cloudy, mid 70’s day.  You couldn’t have asked for more perfect market weather.  (The Northfield Market actually kicked off the season the week before we began going — it was apparently a cold day two weeks ago that began the season)

The Bernardston Market on Tuesday was fabulous. We had the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with (retired) farmers (now “customers”) who we knew a long, long time ago, from back when we milked herd of registered Jersey cows and shipped hundreds of pounds of bulk milk every other day to Agri-Mark.

Those days are fondly remembered, mostly.  Except that time when were were all sick with the flu (raging temperatures and other ailments) and we had to milk the 25 cows, twice a day. And the times that we lost the power (living in the country, trees fall on the power lines during storms) and had to milk the cows by hand, or the time that we lost the compressor on the Icebank Bulk Milk Tank, and had to buy bagged ice at the package store and fill the cavity in the sidewall of the tank, so that the milk kept cold enough until the milk truck arrived. The package store owner was convinced that we were having one heck of a party!

So, after a great reunion day/meeting new Bernardston customers day, we decided to visit Northfield on Thursday.
What a nice event: food, friends, engaging and unique farmed items and great customers…It is now our intention to attend both markets this summer.


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