Sun! People! Yippee!

In Chickens, General Farm News on June 17, 2009 at 2:29 pm

Finally a beautiful sunny day yesterday. It was magnificent. Blue skies, and for a bit, we had puffy clouds, which gradually disappeared (I know that is fairly unscientific, but you know…) and were overtaken by more blue sky.

It was a fabulous day for the Bernardston Farmers Market. Northfield Farmers Market is tomorrow, and the forecast calls for rain and thunderstorms. I am planning to show up at the very least, and when the storms are too close, then I will go home.

A word to the wise: If you are looking for Heritage Belted Galloway Beef Roasts, call or email me, and I will bring some to the markets. When I attend the markets, I bring a few of the most popular cuts: mainly steaks, ground beef, patties, stew and kabob meat. Just a quick call will ensure that I have the quantity and specific cut that you desire.

Incubator update: the incubator is finally off. Unplugged and not turning, or beeping or chirping. It is eerily quiet in the house now, without the hourly 26 beeps and semi-hourly 50 chirps. The birds are all hatched. We should be able to weather any storm with the variety that we have hatched on the farm this year!

It looks like a lot of eggs in November and December again — if the birds all begin laying at five to six month of age 🙂 like they normally do!

The four Jerseys who are due to calve soon, are beginning to “udder up” and their milk is beginning to come in — this is getting exciting!


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