Dirty Job(s)

In General Farm News on June 23, 2009 at 12:33 am

My four year old loves the television show, Dirty Jobs, on the Discovery Channel. An “everyday Joe” host named Mike, who incidentally is the current spokesperson for the new Ford television advertising campaign, and who is a trained opera singer (!) is the poor fellow who has the pleasure participating in one of a few real dirty jobs. Apparently, everyday, there are people other than farmers, who get really, really dirty and stinky while earning a living.

On the evening news, it was reported that for seventeen of the last twenty-two days, it has rained in NYC. I am not sure if that statistic is the exact same number for Shelburne, Massachusetts but it is sure close, if not too low. All that rain makes an awful lot of mud — the soil is saturated — absolutely sopping wet. At least I don’t have to spend a lot of time watering the garden yet this year!

Tuesday means that Wells Tavern Farm will be selling pastured, heritage and local meat and eggs at the Bernardston Farmers Market from four to seven. Thursday is Northfield Farmers Market from four to seven. Rain or Shine. 🙂 (I have linked the market names to the weather forecasts for each town!)

These Farmers Markets are, perhaps, my one opportunity all week to be really, kind of clean — or at least mud-free.

In other farm news, we are now members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, the pioneer organization in the U.S. working to conserve historic breeds and genetic diversity in livestock.  Since that is what our farm is also all about, I thought that it made sense!


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