Burgers for the Fourth of July

In Uncategorized on July 1, 2009 at 11:59 pm

Celebrate your Independence with local grass-fed Belted Galloway Beef Burgers! It will mark your independence from unsustainable factory farming and you too will be joining the hundreds of locals who have discovered local meat and vegetables products which are available seasonally, direct from the farm or at local farmers markets.

At the farmers markets you can talk to the actual farmer. Not the very knowledgeable butcher or other paid employee, but the actual person who does the actual farming — who can answer many of your most pressing questions. You might even be amazed by the depth and breadth or their knowledge and wit.

As recent members to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, I know that I have referred back to their website many times in the last few months, in order to have the scope of the heritage breeds and to really understand the threat to their survivability. I often get questions at the farmers markets from passersby, or new customers, who wonder why we can’t just raise the breeds that everyone else seems to have raised, or their neighbor raises, or that they read about in a magazine. The simple answer is that we deeply believe in conservation. Additionally, we believe in the inherent value in the unimproved breeds — the ones that we have chosen to raise are all perfectly suited to our climate, to grass-fed and pastured farming and to a long and slow maturity. The care and attention to detail as the animal matures is a process that we really enjoy here at the farm. Our animals have names and receive individual attention. Well, not all of the turkeys and chickens have names, but many of them do: there are quirky chickens who practically jump into your arms at night, as she feels the need for human attention and love. There are the fifteen turkeys who have taught themselves how to open the rabbit cage door and drink from the rabbit waterer. There is Mrs. Goosey, without whom, rounding up the ducks and geese each night would be nearly impossible.

Each animal on our farm is valued for their individual traits. We are small, and like it that way.

Burgers for the Fourth of July will be available at the Northfield Farmers Market tomorrow from four to seven, rain or shine.  Follow the signs once you get into town.  Easy access to Route 91, and a great place to pick up a nutritious church supper for your family for an affordable price, as they serve during the farmers market.

Pork Update: Bacon, Sausage, Chops, Ham Steaks…. Yum!  All available in September.  We have secured a date with our processor and we should have the products back in Shelburne in September, smoked and cured and tasting unbelievable.

Turkey Update: It is NOT too early to reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey.  I have a dozen reserved already for November, and could easily add you to the list… remember that we have always sold out about a month before Thanksgiving.  We have FRESH, pastured, heritage breed, LILAC Turkeys for Thanksgiving. We deliver up to about 25 miles.  Pick up at the farm is also an option.  $4.50 a pound.  Rave reviews from customers last year.


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