Mmm Burger. Happy Independence!

In Uncategorized on July 4, 2009 at 12:29 pm

It was very nice meeting many new customers Thursday at the Northfield Farmers Market. What was the most popular cut sold of Wells Tavern Farm’s grassfed Belted Galloway Thursday? Hands down… Ground Beef Patties. Yup. Hamburger.

For inspiration and a mouthwatering experience, I heartily recommend that burger-lovers listen to the National Public Radio audio story that ran during Morning Edition on Friday. Adam Perry Lang taught NPR’s David Greene how to make that perfect burger while toiling over a George Foreman Grill in NPR’s mail loading dock. Listen to the story by clicking HERE.

You can trust that our ground beef is free from the nasty and all too pervasive E. coli O157:H7 contamination.  Our product is processed, sealed and labeled in packages under USDA inspection  through the entire process… last week we delivered an animal to the butcher and, as always, the USDA inspector comes out of the facility to visually assess the general health and well-being of the animal intended for processing, before they come out of the trailer.  Because we have happy and healthy animals, the animal proceeded through to the holding facility and processing.

It seems unbelievable to me that a farm would try to slip a sickly animal or diesased animal into a facility to make into food we eat.  Yuck.  We are what our food eats.  We are only as healthy as our food is!  How could they?  Also, why would anyone sell a product that they are not thouroughly proud of — a safe, inspected, properly handled piece of meat that is of the highest quality possible?

Repeat business, happy customers, word-of-mouth — those are the basics of sales that sustain small farmers who can’t afford to advertise, buy freezer space in major supermarkets, or who don’t raise enough volume of animals a year to justify other means of more widespread marketing.  By keeping sales local, we must keep the quality of the products that we sell exceedingly high.  We take this quality standard very seriously.

Speaking of quality and truthfulness: you should hop in the car and take a ride down the road beside our farm, and watch the Tamworth pigs frolicking in the field alongside the dirt road.  They are behind animal fencing and three strands of very hot electric fence. Within their pasture they have shade and sun and created their own little muddy wallow area.  Watch the pigs root up the earth and gnaw at the maple saplings.  It is nature in motion.  That is what farming is all about.  South of their pasture is the sheep and goat pasture, and West of the Tamworth pasture is the elder Lilac Turkey pasture (the parent stock we hatch eggs form in the spring), and to the North is the rotating Belted Galloway and registered milking Jersey cow pasture.

Happy Independence Day.


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