Mordred and Cookie

In General Farm News on July 5, 2009 at 12:17 pm

So, two of our springing heifers have calved thus far. There are two more to go. The first was last week to Edwina, who calved with a heifer the kids call “Cookie” a long-legged calf with lots of white spots.The second cow, Guinevere, calved two days ago with the largest bull calf I have ever seen a Jersey birth unassisted. He will be called “Mordred”. She was in great health both before and after the birth, and seems to be a very calm and willing milker.

With four first-calf heifers springing at the same time, it could be awful to teach them to be patient and calm while milking, but so far, Gwen and Ed have proven to be very, very good cows.


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