If a Tree Falls in A Pasture…

In Uncategorized on August 4, 2009 at 6:37 pm

Here I am, at the computer, doing a quick check of my email, and I hear the most awful sounds outside the open window beside me. The children stop playing in the yard and look intently at the pasture beside the house. I ran outside.

“The tree fell down!”

“Look mommy… the tree crashed.” and

“I didn’t do it!” was the chorus that I was greeted with as I stepped outside and looked into the pasture.

What is in that pasture? Two sheep and a ton of chickens. The tree that fell missed our chicken house, the sheep and all of the chickens. It missed squishing a few of those expensive metal six foot t-posts. It only missed the chicken house by a few inches.  It snapped our electric fence and mashed our livestock fencing.
…It fell due to natural, random consequences. There is a small breeze today, and it is a humid sunny day. The roots of the tree were buried beneath the dirt road alongside our pasture and our house, and they seem to have severed themselves and just pulled up.   The Town of Shelburne was parked a few hundred feet from where the tree fell, when it fell, but they were trimming grass and small brush alongside the road.  Since the tree fell ONTO our property and not across the dirt road, the Town employee said that he couldn’t assist us with trying to cut it up and make it steadier and safer. There was nothing weird about the tree falling  occurrence, except that it fell in a pasture, and everyone in the vicinity heard it go.


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