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Have you reserved your turkey yet?

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2009 at 3:59 pm

…Just a thought… you know… because we will sell out before Thanksgiving.  So far, we have reserved birds for:

Wendy & Vin, Karen, Bev & Bill, Gloria & Ervin, Kurt & Kayce, Louise, Haynes & Nancy, Bill C., Jay, Brian, Wendy, Ed, Whiney, Fred, Mary, Garth, Donovan & Meggin, Michelle & Justin, Adrian, Jackie, Dan, George, Mark, Jessica, Ryan,  Bill W., Dena,  Joan… and two co-workers of Wendy’s!

You could add your name to the list with an email to carrie *at* wellstavernfarm.com

Attention Localvores: Heritage Pastured Turkey for Thanksgiving – Order Now

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2009 at 2:11 pm

Are you eating locally — is your “radius” 100 miles, or 250, or the Eastern Seaboard? You are amazing for your committment, and I applaud you.

Have I got a meal for you! Thanksgiving Dinner! — our turkeys are truly local. One variety of heritage turkey was hatched and raised on our farm, from stock that we keep year-round. They live healthy, happy lives on Western Massachusetts soil, and are processed locally enough to keep their mileage under 100 miles, round trip.

What do you get other than a real local dinner? A fabulous tasting bird to share with family and friends. You get warm and fuzzy points knowing that you did business with a “Local Hero” family farm. We enjoy raising the birds, and by doing so, assist in conserving the varieties — very old strains of birds that just take a lot longer to grow up than the White Broad Breasted Turkeys that most people eat at Thanksgiving. We have put in a considerable amount of research and time into deciding the most tasty and the most threatened varieties of bird to raise, and have then gone ahead and (in two varieties cases) found the chicks, (and in all cases) raised them for nine months to get them up to size. We can personally assure you that our birds ate only clean, never-medicated feed, vegetarian only grains, and really did appreciate the grass and sunshine on pasture here on our farm.

We hope that through your flavorful dinner, our conservation efforts will bring the spotlight onto these magnificent breeds and perhaps entice others through word of mouth, to raise these lovely varieties of heritage turkey: Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red and Lilac.

It is time to order your turkey for this Thanksgiving. We look forward to hearing from you.