Interested in Trying a New Product?

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Farming keeps us on our toes.  Nothing is ever the same one day to the next, despite our planning, and arranging for it to be that way.  So, too, is our line up of meat offerings.  It is great for us to be able to raise such a varied and diverse barnyard of animals: from Thanksgiving Turkeys (heritage breed and pastured, fresh for Thanksgiving by pre-reservation only) to Pastured Heritage Pork, to Grassfed Beef and Lamb and Goat… plus the chicken, eggs, duck, duck eggs, geese — it makes for a tasty and varied experience.   Well, we have decided to add another product to our humane little farm: “Rose Veal” — not the caged, confined & abused factory farmed calves who sacrifice their lives for diners who appreciate their vitamin deprived, anemic pale meat… rather robustly healthy calves who soak in vitamin D rich sunlight, drink healthy Jersey cow milk  (also mineral rich water) and eat hay and grass.  The resultant veal is slightly darker in color, with a distinctive and lovely taste.

Anyone interested in humanely raised LOCAL veal?

Wells Tavern Farm Veal: No grain. No pain.



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