Trust Your Local Farmers Who Raise Grassfed Meat

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2009 at 12:43 pm

The rise of O157:H7 E. coli across the nation was brilliantly described in the article in the New York Times a few days back.  It is terrible that pathogens can cross into food so easily on feedlots and through slaughter facilities “out West” — yes.  It is nearly impossible to become sick after eating Grassfed Beef from our farm, or from our neighbor grassfed farms: Wheel View Farm, or Foxbard Farm?  Yes. Nearly impossible.

The benefits of raising animals on pasture and grass are clear. Cows fed forage and grass diets have been shown to have no E. coli pathogens known to be harmful to humans. On the other hand, cattle coming from feedlots have been shown to carry the deadly E. coli O157:H7 and other unsavory diseases. The bacteria live in their unnaturally balanced intestines and then can be carried on the cows’ hides (through feces). The feedlots where these cattle stand in their own fecal matter and are fed an unnatural diet are without a doubt the source. As long as we continue to allow grain-finishing and humongous cattle feedlot operations, it should come as no surprise that E. coli thrives in today’s common supermarket beef.

So, how do you make sure that the meat you share with your family is safe and uber-tasty? I would gently suggest that you stop by our farm, and pick up some ground beef from our grassfed (no grain at all) Belted Galloways and taste the flavor difference, and feel secure in the knowledge that it is a clean product.  If you can’t make the scenic fall foliage drive to our farm, try our neighbors beef, Foxbard Farm Angus Beef, or Wheel-View Beef, both available at some local markets shelves.  In fact, Carolyn Wheeler told me yesterday that their farm is hosting some open farm days this weekend, and next.

If you do visit Wheel-View Farm this weekend and pick up your Sirloins and Tenderloins from their Grassfed Beefers, come by Wells Tavern Farm, and get some Pastured Heritage Breed Pork (Bacon, Sausage, Chops, Ribs), or Lamb (Ground, Chops, Leg, etc).  We are a quick five minute drive from John and Carolyn’s, and only a few hundred feet off The Mohawk Trail (Route 2) in Shelburne.

We have the yellow Buy Local CISA sign in the front yard, and a whiteboard with “free Range Chicken Eggs for $3” out front — White House, Red Barn. You can’t miss us.  Really. 🙂


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