Brrrr. It’s Cold Outside.

In Uncategorized on October 14, 2009 at 2:11 pm

Geesh.  It is like we got broadsided by WINTER — it is cold outside!  The sudden change of season brings the lazy, laid back ease of summer animal tending to a swift halt.  Now the hoses are freezing, the grass is wilting, and the animals will need to move to their supplimental housing more often.

Any day now, we will turn into the water bucket-lugging barn-jacketed family, who must hand-carry all the water to the smaller animals on the farm (all non-cows).  That is a drag.  A serious annoyance.  It takes forever, and lengthens your bucket-toting arm by about a foot. After you finish with morning chores,  for the rest of the day, it feels as if you are walking around with a kink in your back – which you probably are – and dragging your knuckles on the floor – which you may or may not be doing –  until it gets dark at 5:30 p.m., and you need to go outside and do it all over again.

Farming has its moments.

Things can be great – sometime in the middle of the summer, and everybody is happily munching grass on pasture.  Fall and winter — not so much – as the saying goes.  Feeding bales of hay that cost an arm and a leg, but provide the essential nutrition to grassfed cows are a necessity.  Though we don’t hay any fields ourselves, we do have to go and pick up the bales from the farmer who makes them, and then we have to put them away.  Each bales weighs in at about 40+ pounds.  Now that we are at hay-feeding season, we now unpack the bales that we tucked into neat stacks in the upstairs of the barn (some stacks easily sail twenty feet into the air when we are caught up with haying) and lug them to the pastures full of hungry animals who wordlessly devour the preserved grass from half a year gone by.


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