Freezing and Freezing…. Brrr

In Uncategorized on October 16, 2009 at 3:34 pm

Anyone out there with connections read this blog?  Can you see if we can turn up the heat for another month or so — we awoke to a snowstorm this morning.  That is just not right for the middle of October.  It is difficult enough to deal with cold weather when it comes in November, but half a month early — geesh.

Predation and Freezing temperatures are driving me crazy.  We have lost a couple of turkeys recently to very large predators.  i believe that the predators have four feet, and are probably of the cat family. They eat the head, neck and a little bit of the breast, and leave the rest of the bird.  I feel terrible every morning when we find another turkey life lost.

This morning I was freezing cold, and so were the turkeys.  We plan on somewhat cool, but not wintery, weather for raising the turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Because the very cold weather has come so early, and the predators have been active, I am in a pickle:  We need to protect the turkeys from other animals and the weather.

The best solution that I have been able to come up with, is one that I am not entirely happy with… what do you think?

Dear Select Customers: How would you like to enjoy a tasty heritage variety pastured turkey from Wells Tavern Farm, already frozen for Thanksgiving this year?  Some of our birds are ready for processing (depending on the size that you are looking for) and we can arrage processing for you, and delivery of a frozen turkey either sooner, or later —

See? I am not really into changing the process three-quarters of the way through the season — we have been providing Fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving for a few years, and that is what people come to expect… but, I suppose, for the good of some of the birds, this is the next best thing.

So, what say you?  If you are not already totally in love with idea of  having your turkey processed in November for fresh turkey (never frozen) for the holiday, what about a few reservations from people, NOW, for FROZEN turkey.  You can still get one for Thanksgiving for fresh, and put this one (frozen) away in YOUR freezer for Christmas, or a gift for a neighbor or co-worker.

If we are able to process a dozen or more turkeys sooner rather than later, than our farm will be better able to protect the remaining birds from predators, and the weather.  We do a great job of hatching our own turkey eggs, and raising little chicks up into big birds — but, somewhere along the line, we run out of barn space for the birds when they gain that extra 15 plus pounds each (taking up MUCH more room) and are now “large flying dinners”.

Looking for Turkey, fresh or frozen? I can take care of you.  Please send me an email through our website: www.wellstavernfarm.com

Thank you!


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