At Least We Didn’t Get Snow. Oink, Oink.

In Heritage Turkeys on November 5, 2009 at 12:59 pm

Well, at least we didn’t get the snow that was possible last night. It was another cold night nonetheless.
How do we begin our mornings on the farm? Get up, pour a cup of coffee, and look out the window and see where the turkeys are in the yard. I am serious. Recently, our shortened daylight hours are spent herding the flock of turkeys back from the road and the neighbor’s lawn, and the vehicles in the driveway, and any other shiny object that the birds find interesting.  One turkey will get it in their head that they want to explore something and go.  The bird closest to it will wonder what the first bird is doing, and follow.  Next thing you know, you have a flash mob of turkeys doing something that you wouldn’t necessarily want them to do in a very public and inconvenient place.

104_0451-1.jpg picture by carriemeow

Herding turkeys is a bit like herding cats. There are submissive females who you can talk to using turkey calls, and they will follow you to the ends of the earth without any fuss, but the associated tom turkeys with the females are a bit of a problem. They are alpha males and a little bit aggressive – more so if you are short and tentative – like my four-year old son. So some of the birds need to be led (the hens: a la Pied Piper) and the toms need to be herded (a la cats). It is a full-time job to simply keep the birds safe during the day.

Nights are another story, for another day…

Speaking of turkey, the “Great Turkey Countdown” is on!  We have some Heritage Pastured (really a misnomer — they are Free Ranging in the very most Free sense of the word!) Turkeys available both as Fresh and Frozen, for Thanksgiving 2009.  Still $4.50 a pound. (Still a great deal) Vegetarian fed, never fed scary byproducts, meat products or medications.  The varieties that we have are Lilac, Standard Bronze and Bourbon Red, all heritage (heirloom) varieties.

Pictures780.jpg picture by carriemeow

Additionally, we still raise a Tasty Pork Product. For Bacon Lovers there is the Thick Cut Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked Bacon – $8 a pound.  Wonderfully Flavorful (when was the last time you have a flavorful chop?) and Tender Pork Chops – assorted cuts – assorted prices.   Kid-friendly (my kids love it!) Sweet Italian Sausage (without casings! Bulk, ground) is just $8 a pound.  And then there is my favorite sausage, the Breakfast Sausage, also $8 a pound.   Our pigs are raised in pastures (they actually, usually stay in the pasture fencing) and fed vegetarian diets which include New England processed grains, vegetables and milk from our Registered Jersey cows (very high butterfat, deep cream line, tasty milk).  The pigs are all Heritage Varieties – if they were vegetables, they would be call Heirloom varieties – Tamworth, Gloucestershire Old Spots, Large Black and Red Wattle.


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