Yummy Sausage Recipes

In General Farm News on November 7, 2009 at 6:27 pm

What happens when a bunch of farmers get together for a Saturday night out, together? I am not sure, but my husband and I will find out tonight, as we have been invited over to Leyden Glen Farm for a get-together with the farms and farmers who faithfully participated in the rain and wind blown Tuesday Farmers Markets through the summer and into the fall in Bernardston. This is just a little seasonal social wrap-up, as I understand it. The great part, though, is that we are all bringing a dish to share. It had to be a dish that features a product that you grow (raise, etc.) Now, if you are a veggie farmer, I can see bringing a potato or squash (storage veggie) dish — seasonally appropriate and all of that, and if you make maple syrup, I can see a wider variety of possibilities: a pie, cookies, even a meat dish — who knows… and then there is us. We sell meat. Tasty meat from grassfed beef, lambs, pigs, turkeys, chickens, goats, and eggs… all of the proteins on the farm, really. So, when I decided to feature SAUSAGE for the “dish to share” I thought that the playing field was wide-open.

Do you know how many sausage recipes there are out there that are truly horrible? It was astounding. I read through countless cookbooks (good thing that I collect them!) before I found a couple of recipes that were real contenders. I thought that I had decided on The Recipe for about twenty-four hours, and then changed my mind yesterday morning… so out went the Fennel Shallot Sweet Italian Sausage Quiche (though I will share the recipe here, another day) and in came two much simpler recipes.

We’ll see how the vegetable farmers like what we bring for sausage dishes!


The kids are not coming to the dinner, we have secured them with grandparents for the evening. The four year old will not be listening to A Prairie Home Companion on the radio this evening because of that — is it strange for a four year old to watch television, namely “Between The Lions” on PBS, and say:” Mommy! Look! It’s Mister Fred Newman from the radio!”

Is there something sweet about that statement happening in 2009?

I thought so.


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