Family and Giving Thanks

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My mom is a gifted self-taught genealogist when she is not working at her paying job or on the farm. She says that our family tree contains clothiers, shoemakers and felters (hatmakers). So I have “making things” in my genes.

One of the more recent additions to her research on our tree is information about Henry Gregory. He seems like quite the character!

June 16, 1640: John Leonard complaines in an action of the case against Henry Gregory for taking more recompence for driving home of certaine stray sowes than his share come to, & for taking of more pigges with his sow that his share comes to. This case and those immeditely following are recorded in the note book of William Pynchon, the Springfield magistrate, which is now in the possession of the Law School of Harvard University. A photostat was kindly lent me. Some of the pages are damaged. In the Leonard case, the jury decided against Henry in the sum of 8 shillings. It seemed impressed by evidence of “sixe pigges” and only “5 teates drawen.”

Whoops! Apparently Mr. Gregory (who was of the shoemaker family) was caught with one too many piglets with his sow – the evidence being that only five teats were being used by the piglets who belonged to his sow. The research and commentary in the paragraph above is from Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory, comp. by Grant Gregory. Publ. 1938.


It is nearing Thanksgiving and time to reflect back on family, memories and reasons to be thankful.  I have (put a deposit down on) a sow who will have piglets at the end of January/beginning of February. I have two of the most inquisitive and smart little boys that a mother could ever want. It is about a week before we process this years turkeys for Thanksgiving and distribute the main course for fifty-two tables of hungry diners.  And we have our health.  All is well on the farm despite the last few days of torrential rain.


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