Here We Are!

In Uncategorized on November 22, 2009 at 1:00 am

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect back on the harvest season.

My eighty plus tomato plants were a bust this summer – they grew fabulously, they transplanted very well, and then came the early blight and the hungry wildlife and the few tomatoes that did hang from the poor plants were someone else’s dinner.

Our adventures with the “new to us” 1987 Dodge Ram truck were often topics of conversation at the local farmers markets: running the heat full tilt on the 98 degree day while hauling the trailer up to Vermont, or the day that I was at the radio station and I worked while receiving sporadic and “call-dropped” lousy reception calls from my huband as he lost the brakes while towing the trailer with a very large pig.

Then there was the trip to Cobleskill, New York with my mom, and the two kiddos — I drove the family minivan and we loaded it up with heritage breed piglets and drove home. The stench was tremendous.

We took a singluar “vacation” to the big Maine agricultural fair – Fryeburg Fair, and learned more about what other breeders are doing with their animals, and took many pictures!

We have met some of the nicest customers this year. That is probably the greatest thing about 2009. Whether it is the fellow who comes from Ashfield for a couple dozen eggs once in a while, or the random drop-by of Perri and family to pickup meat — or Sita, or Danny or Bill or Bev… we have really enjoyed seeing the results of our labor being appreciated.

Monday and Tuesday we will meet new customers and reaquaint ourselves with repeat-customer-friends; we will find out how the turkey cooked up last year and see how much the kids have grown. What we do day in and day out caring for turkeys (for example) really culminates in creating a great little community — one that I could not have dreamed up in a million years. From doctors, development specialists, college students & online shopkeepers, to localvores, radio professionals, professors and chefs (and many other people)… we all come together at our separate Thanksgiving tables and celebrate the harvest over a heritage, pastured turkey.


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