In General Farm News on December 21, 2009 at 1:00 pm

Laura, our Belted Galloway cow, gave us a bull for Christmas this year. The same gift for the last three years. It is officially a tradition, not just a random chance or luck. We have begun a holiday tradition!

So our little bull calf has attained the status of the chocolate orange, the ribbon candy, and the morning stockings.

Today our White Galloway bull, Lenny, returns home after a mini-vacation in the hills with about thirty-five good-looking heifers and cows. ;). Hopefully, all of that herd ends up bred and produces some nice offspring for that farmer. That was the intent anyways.

We have also added a young Belted Galloway steer to the pasture. He seems to be assimilating into our herd well.

The nine swine on our farm are all doing well: two large Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs who live with the Galloway herd, the four Large Black Red Wattle cross pigs, and the two Tamworths in the pasture alongside the Dirt Road and our house, Big Red and Ruby. And last but not least, there’s Olive the Berkshire (black) pig.

We have trimmed our poultry numbers down for the cold winter, and look forward to incubating eggs in the coming weeks (after Christmas). One major resason for cutting back in the winter is due to the lack of running water. We hand carry every drop of water that the birds and most of the pigs, the lambs, and some of the cows, drink daily.

That is a drag. It wears you down fast and the thrill of farming disappears as fast as your body temperature rises as you lug fifty pounds of water through snowbanks and over ice.

I tried to purchase a heated hose to alleviate some of the pain and headache of carrying buckets. No dice, I was told they are on a “national backorder” and not available until next summer. Great. We will continue to carry water.


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