Happy New Year!

In Uncategorized on January 2, 2010 at 1:54 pm

I awoke to snowfall this morning, admittedly, day two of the new year, but still, our first snow of the year… which is piling up on top of the (now OLD) snow from 2009.  Fresh snow, even though a hassle to drive through, a pain in the back to shovel, more than annoying to keep animals happy with, and a delight to my kids, is still fascinating to me.  It shouldn’t be, but it is.

On a local eatery note: if you are in the area, please experience Hope and Olive, in Greenfield. Last evening, another couple and my husband and I, had fabulous eats at the restaurant.  When they said Mussels and fries with garlic aioli, they should have added an additional warning that nearby diners would snatch multiple mussels and fries, so be prepared, and at first glance we thought that they served enough to feed a small army when the platters were presented, but upon tasting… we decided that the amount was just about perfect.  Salty, garlicky and absolutely perfect!  I followed my mussels appetizer up with a delicious Cubano sandwich: aioli, ham, mojo pork, pickles & swiss.  Mmmm.  Did I forget to mention the Fogbuster Espresso Martini?   Yeah. That too.  Yummy. I should learn how to make that one at home: vodka, espresso, Kalhua, Baileys, and Sugar, I think…  The Fogbuster aspect of the drink is local and sustainable — I believe that the espresso was a Dean’s Beans fair trade coffee.

Please note that us farmers do not get out to eat much, especially without the children, and that what we ate and drank is considered absolutely decadent, and not ever considered foods to eat during a typical day or week or month.

The animals are all doing fine.  We had a freeze-up of the frost/freeze free water system the other day – a situation that remedies itself in a matter of a day or so after the temperatures creep up out of the sub-zero-artic-blast temperatures.  A hundred seventy five dollars later, we had two very high quality and exceedingly long garden hoses and a 16 gallon heated water tub.  For a couple of days we dragged the hoses in and out of the house laundry room to get the bovines and swine water.  The blue waterer thawed, and now they are able to get water from the frost-free for 2010. Hopefully we will avoid another arctic-blast this year.  My husband has decided that the 200 feet of hoses hauling is easier on his tender back, than carrying twelve gallons of water at a time in cans to the poultry, lamb  and pig pastures, so he is still hauling hoses in and out of the house.

We started our first little (soon-to-be-steered, ox) bull calf who has been identified as my foray into oxen, on grain.  He is lovely, and I should snap a pic of him and post it.  He is a Holstein bull calf born September 1, 2009, and he is beautiful – great feet and long, strong legs, and a fabulous little inquisitive personality.  My hope is that all will go easily and quickly in this learning experience, both for me and for him.  All I really need him to do is act good, and agree to pull things around.  How hard can that be?  🙂


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