Eggs and Sausage… It’s Breakfast!

In General Farm News on January 13, 2010 at 3:08 pm

Take a dozen fresh, deep golden yolked brown or brown and greeny-blue shelled chicken eggs, and a half pound of delicious pork breakfast sausage… And you are well on your way to having a delicious local breakfast.

Wells Tavern Farm has both eggs and sausage in stock: sweet Italian and breakfast sausage, and eggs from our ladies collected a few times a day.

I have fielded a few inquiries recently regarding chicken meat. Unfortunately, we don’t have any in stock currently. Please, please, please send me an email or phone me if you are interested in poultry in the spring. We will begin raising birds specifically to meet these customers wishes, so if you would like locally grown, medication-free, clean-feed vegetarian fed, free ranged whole chickens for roasting, now is the time to inquire. (email today! Carrie //at// wellstavernfarm //dot// com)

Looking ahead, we are planning for a new infusion of pork in a month ( add another month to that for smoked products to be ready) and Rose Veal and Lamb in February also. Our veal is young, jersey milk fed, handled and cage-free. The veal will less “white” (pale) than traditionally raised, inhumane veal.

Be well!


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