Local Lamb here, also Dog Bones! Eat Other Tasty Morsels…

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Wells Tavern Farm just got a new infusion of meat from our favorite, friendly butcher in Vermont.  Last week we made the voyage to Royal Butcher with lambs and veal, and yesterday we made return trip number one, and brought back boxes of individual portions of tasty morsels of same species.  I have not yet inventoried the cuts, but that is on my plate for this weekend, and when I have, we will figure out what is available for sale.

The box that I did open had dog bones of varying sizes.  These bones are from the bovine species, and are smaller, rather than crazy-large.  So, if you are looking for chemical free, antibiotic free, grain free dog bones, we’ve got them. Just give a phone call 413.625.2797 We are accepting donations, no set price.

WE LOVE LOCAL “ROVERS”! Give your pooch local bones for Valentines Day!

More details on the tasty morsels that people can enjoy later…

You will not find Wells Tavern Farm at the third annual Greenfield Winter Fare farmers’ market at Greenfield High School today.  You can find us at our farm, in Shelburne, just five miles by road, from the Winter Fare location.  We are nearly always available for phone calls or emails and then either arranging for drop off at your local home, or arranging for you to drive up the beautiful Mohawk Trail to our Shelburne farm.

When you find our farm, you will see our pigs in the pasture next to our farmhouse, the turkeys, geese and ducks in the pasture behind our farmhouse. Our Belted Galloways in the pasture behind the barn.  And if it is a warmer day, you will see some of our chickens exploring their wintery surroundings, curiously pecking at the snow.

Wells Tavern Farm is the real deal: we are a working farm.  Our “place” is not pretty, persay, though our critters are in exquisite health and are happily living in the optimal conditions for each species.  With the exception of lambs, you can see all of the animals that we offer for sale as meat in the freezer, happily living in our pastures.  (We don’t have any more lambs, and are re-thinking which breed of lamb to raise in the future.  So far, we have found that they are adorable in the pasture to look at, are really nice little critters, but are a tremendous money pit when you run the numbers — so for the time being, we have ceased raising sheep.)

So, for local meats: Rose Veal, Beef, Pork, Lamb, pre-ordered chickens, and Thanksgiving Turkeys, as well as chicken eggs, it is one-stop shopping in Shelburne! See you soon.

And, one more piece of feel-good local news… not only do we work really hard to shop locally, and provide high quality local meats, but the butcher that we use (Animal Welfare Approved and trustworthy) in Vermont, is also a good guy.  Read more about The Royal Butcher’s proprietor, Royal Laroque:

Royal Larocque purchased 80 acres of farmland in Royalton (Vermont) that he had been leasing from his retired farm neighbors, the Abbotts, and then sold a conservation easement on this land and his adjacent 73-acre Cornucopia Farm in Bethel (VT). Royal’s land includes 81 acres of agricultural soils rated prime and statewide, and is traversed by over half a mile of Cleveland Brook. He operates the Royal Butcher shop in Braintree and is working hard on the genetics of his beef cattle herd to move to a smaller-framed, mainly Devon animal whose meat carries the flavor qualities of the Angus breed but is well-suited to a grass-based diet.


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