Pardon me… could you repeat what you just said?

In General Farm News on February 11, 2010 at 4:06 pm

Deafening.  That is the only way to describe the ruckus that 181 baby chicks sounds like. Wow.  Working around them for any length of time should really require ear protection.  I just tried to answer the telephone, and kep having to pardon myself and ask for repeats… I am blaming the cheep, cheeping of the chicks.

The dry rub for ribs recipe that I posted a few days ago has proved itself uber-tasty.  I used it on beef short ribs and let them marinate in it for 24-30 hours, and then popped them into a crock pot with enough water to almost cover.  Cook that for a long time 8-20 hours… and voila!  Some of the tastiest morsels I have ever eaten. 

Ruby and her ten piglets are settling into family life quite nicely.  The people who love them to death are also settling into the “rhythm of piglet” as well — we are adjusting our sow feeding times to accommodate her nursing schedule, so that we are not disrupting her babies.  We are also upping her protein and caloric intake to help her bounce back from pregnancy and accommodate nursing ten hungry babies.

Next week, we will have our Gloucestershire Old Spots (fresh) Pork sorted out and home, ready for sale.  The smoked products will not be ready for at least a month.

Don’t forget to attend the Farmers Market in Turners Falls at the High School on the 27th, 9 to noon.  Local farms with veggies, meat, and other necessities will be there, will you?


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