Gloucestershire Old Spots Pork

In Pigs on February 16, 2010 at 1:13 pm

It’s snowing in Western Massachusetts, and really snowing in Vermont today.

Hmmm. That probably means that we are making a meat run. Terrible weather? Sure, that’s us on the road.

Today IS the day that we pickup the GOS cuts from the butcher. We will be leaving the meat for smoking at the smokehouse on the way home. Hopefully that meat will be maple syrup cured and hickory smoked and done in about a month. If it takes a little longer, as past customers can attest, the wait, no matter how long, is well worth it.

So, two new products in Wells Tavern Farm’s meat lineup will be available for sale beginning tomorrow: ground pork, and hot sausage. Both are obvious items that we have overlooked in the past, and will be available now due to requests from the public.

If you want to have a pork taste-off, there is a small window of time to buy both Tamworth Pork and GOS Pork from us at the same time on select items.

A note to the wise: we have met with our meat cutter and have requested a “less lean cut” on our pork chops. You will now find a nice layer of tasty fat on our meat (when possible) that will crisp up and provide you with a chop like your grandparents loved.

Here is a quick update: it is evening, and the meat is sorted, counted and tucked into the freezers.  We have already opened more than a few packages to test the products — and let me say that the breakfast sausage is really, really good.  It is packaged in (approximate) half pound packages, and it is ground sausage.  No casings to remove, or worry about if they are all natural, or some weird synthetic material.  Just a package of easily thawed ground meat.  And oh boy is it tasty.

The 3/4 inch of fat left on the Loin End Chops, Rib End Chops, Center Cut Loin Chops and assorted other chops, will add oodles of flavor during your desired cooking process.  They are really beautiful.  Tasty too!


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