Don’t Wait. We’re Year-Round.

In General Farm News, Pigs on April 2, 2010 at 6:17 pm

Don’t think that you have to count the days until the Northfield, Bernardston and Conway Farmers Markets begin (nearer the end of May) to pick up some tender, juicy, flavorful and healthy meats from our farm! While you’re here you can grab a dozen or two fresh chicken eggs for some yummy breakfasts. Eggs are well worth the $3 a dozen price tag. Meats in stock include: beef (patties for burgers on the grill, ground beef, and stew meat) pork (all types of chops, ribs, sausages, and ground, as well as some small smoked and cured hams, ham steaks and bacon). We also have lamb in the freezer (ground and legs). And really soon we will have Cornish roasting hens available as whole birds, frozen.

In general farm news, it is a beautiful spring day, and the animals are really enjoying the change in the weather. The Tamworth piglets that are nearly eight weeks old are about a week away from being able to leave their mom– ie; be sold.

Are you looking for a couple of bacon-type heritage piglets? I have been fielding phone calls for a few days, and though we are keeping a few for ourselves from each litter, we will be selling seven piglets in the next week or so. Castrated males are $80, and the females are $90, each. There are three females available from that litter.

We have one other litter on the ground that will need another month and a half with their mom- they can’t leave until mid-May, and they are Tamworth-Berkshire crosses. They are $85 for castrated males, and $95 females, each.


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