Yes, We Have No Bananas, But We Do Have Pork!

In General Farm News, Pigs on April 18, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Yes, we have no vegetables or fruits, but we do have your main course: Unconventionally raised Pastured Heritage (or Heirloom) Pork. Sold by the piece and by the pound. We also have lamb, Veal, Stewing Chickens, and Grass-Fed Ground Belted Galloway Beef, as well as Grain-Fed Beef Patties.

The Stewing Chickens (or ‘exhausted  layers’ as I named them) are very tasty, but as the name implies, they do need to be stewed and then used as de-boned meat chicken for soup, pot pies, “and dumplings” or etc. They are very affordable at $2.50 a pound, with whole stewing hens averaging about three pounds each.

I am very excited to have my Cornish Hens – beautiful little roasting meat birds – coming along beautifully, and they will probably be processed on or about the second week of May.

This week we said a fond farewell to the two Berkshire Gilts who lived for nearly a month in our front pasture with our red Tamworth boar.  They were on a vacation at our farm, with the intention of becoming pregnant.  I know one of them left pregnant, and hope that the other one took on her second breeding.  Within the next few days, Big Red the Tamworth boar in the pasture, now alone, will be joined by two more gilts: these two are Large Black -Red Wattle crosses. They are beautiful, lard type pigs – black bodied with the hanging wattles from the Red Wattle heritage. These two lady pigs were born early last summer.  Two of their litter mates, castrated males, will be ready for processing in about another month or so.

We still need to name these two “LBRW” (Large Black Red Wattle) gilts.  I figure that when they are near the road and we can really study their personalities, we can come up with great names for them.  I am accepting suggestions, from passengers in the cars that stop and gaze at the frolicking pigs in the pasture each night, from our neighbors who walk dogs and walk for health, and from blog readers.  Let me know if you have a couple of suggestions!

Contact me for your bacon or smoked Ham Steak needs – Yummy Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked products… mmm. We had Ham Steak Ends for Dinner last night. Delicious!


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