Quick Pictorial Tour of the Farm

In General Farm News on May 7, 2010 at 7:24 pm

A Large Black-Red Wattle Pig. (Henceforth known as LBRW)

DSCF3124.jpg picture by carriemeow
We have four of these heritage variety crosses: two barrows, and two gilts. They are sweet natured, gentle giants: temperament, floppy ears and body color from Large Black, and skin tags on their necks from the Red Wattle. Thanks yesterday to Devon, Bill and Billy, we moved the two LBRW gilts to a different pasture to meet “Big Red” the Tamworth Boar, with the intent of him breeding them and producing LBRW-Tamworth cross piglets in October.
No, these are NOT Mallard Ducks. They are Silver Appleyard (a heritage variety) that we keep around the pastures.
DSCF3120.jpg picture by carriemeow
The ducks are sometimes swimming in their man-made pool, frolicking with the turkeys or even with the Belted Galloways in the pasture.
And speaking of pasture, it is not looking too bad for early May!
DSCF3119.jpg picture by carriemeow
A trio of heritage breed turkeys: a Standard Bronze Tom (a year old) and two (off color) Lilac Hens (two years old)
DSCF3118.jpg picture by carriemeow
Speaking of Lilacs, they are in bloom.
DSCF3117.jpg picture by carriemeow
A female Pilgrim (heritage variety) Goose, who is setting (incubating) on her eggs. Notice on the top right, all of the fluffy down thst the goose pulls from their body to create an elaborate and wonderful nest for their eggs — which the males and females fiercely guard!
DSCF3133.jpg picture by carriemeow
The male Pilgrim Goose is White, and the female, a less flashy grey-brown.
DSCF3135.jpg picture by carriemeow
A cross-breed chicken (with a great amount of Ameraucana breed in her on right= blue/green shelled eggs) and purebred Buff Orpington Rooster (on left) scratch for bugs in decomposing wood – a great place to find bugs and worms. Very yummy!
DSCF3149.jpg picture by carriemeow
There are other animals on the farm, but that will be a visual tour for another day! Enjoy.

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