Small is Good. You Localvore, you.

In General Farm News on May 26, 2010 at 7:04 pm

Small is Good.

Many famous people have decided that statement matches their chosen style of living. Many non-famous people have decided that statement works well in certain areas of their life as well.

Think about it.

Now, combine that with eating locally.

Localvore. Small is good.

Now we’re talking my language.  Our farm is pitifully small, and very local. We limit ourselves and our production through conscious self-imposed restrictions on expansion.  Small is good.  It keeps us in touch with each individual beast and fowl on the farm.  We can better learn about and assist in the enjoyment of the life of each living thing. And we keep it local.

We feed corn to our pastured heritage breed pigs, but it comes from a couple of miles away in Northfield. We feed a balanced grain ration to our fowl and pigs, but it is from Vermont. Our slaughter facility is also a ma and pa sized, USDA inspected place that is Animal Welfare Approved, and is in Vermont.

We are coop members at the Farmers Exchange.  We keep it local.  Won’t you join us at the Farmers Market and stay local with us?  I can’t wait to see  you!

Remember: Eggs, Pork, Veal and both Grassfed ground Beef, and grain fed ground beef patties at the Northfield Farmers Market tomorrow from 4-7!


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