A Little Damp Out There

In General Farm News on June 16, 2010 at 3:24 pm

I can’t believe how damp this Spring has been: between the severe weather and downpours, to the more usual and routine showers, it has been tremendously wet lately out there.

The pastured pigs are loving, and helping to encourage the growth of the natural wallow areas with all of the rainwater.

Our hens have been sticking pretty close to their shelters/houses when the rain really comes down. But when it let’s up, they RUN to scratch up and delight in the bugs and worms.

Ducks? Extremely happy. Geese. Very content. Beef? They seek out shelter under evergreens during the pounding rains, and aren’t all that bothered by being wet due to their very thick coats of hair. The milking cows have a much lower tolerance for rain and are more than a little spoiled, so they cry a bit when it rains.

Even when it rains, I am at the farmers markets, with products from our farm. Last week, there was a severe weather warning, and the sky looked very, very bad, so we did call it a day a little early for safety reasons. Farming forces you to become a little daring, creative and untraditional. Direct selling our products weekdays is creative, and is designed to let you, or customers, learn more about the actual process of farming, and build a relationship built on trust in our products and in locally built economies.

Come, become a part of our “Farmily” and visit us this week at one of our two remaining markets for the week.
Remember that we attend:
Tuesday – Bernardston (look for signs, center of town)
Wednesday – Conway (center of town, in front of library)
Thursday – Northfield (behind Trinitarian Congregational Church, Rte 10)
*all markets are from 4-7 pm*

Note: We will not be attending the Comeay market next week, 6/23, due to a previous committment. Look for us every week, with that exception!


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