A Frittata, Of Course!

In General Farm News, Pigs on July 21, 2010 at 12:16 pm


I live a funny life.  Farmer.  Foodie.

At the farmers markets, I have the pleasure to ‘talk food’ with local foodies for three hours a day, three days a week.  I learn so much from these conversations.  I get restaurant tips.  I feel like a concierge at a hotel – I have insider information.  I get recipe preparation shortcuts and suggestions.  I could have a restaurant and be a chef.  I have the privilege of smelling the scents of freshly cut basil, scallions, and tomatoes carried on the breeze from one market stall to mine.  Then the smells mix with my smoked and cured bacon and ham steaks aroma, and I am transported back, for a moment, to a conversation or a recipe.

Yesterday, I had the fortune of seeing an old friend at the market in Bernardston.  He said that he would be including Wells Tavern Farm Breakfast Sausage into the Frittata that he was creating for breakfast this morning.  It’s eight o’clock, and I am wondering how that breakfast is working out for him.  I know how we have prepared the bulk (loose) breakfast sausage: as homemade patties, as loose sausage, as crumbles in other dishes, etc.  and I am pondering what local ingredients my friend is adding into his creation that will make it extra special and bring the flavors together.  I had a ton of suggestions in my head when his eyes lit up and he purchased the sausage, but I let him ponder the possibilities on his own.  He can do it, I thought to myself. 

What’s in store this week?  Today, from 4 to 7 in Conway, in from of the Field Memorial Library on Route 116, FARMERS MARKET.

Tomorrow, from 4 to 7 in Northfield, on Route 10, behind the Trinitarian Congregational Church, across from the Savings bank Branch, FARMERS MARKET.

See you there!


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