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Lemonade – is a lemon-flavored drink, typically made from lemons, water and sugar.

Hmmm.  Highlight specific ingredient: Lemons.

Lemons.  I have lots of them from last week.  Not actual, useful lemonade ingredient lemons, rather the metaphorical lemonade making ones.

The image (above) is my Farmer’s Market setup that only a few people saw last week at the three markets that I attended.  Did YOU see my new improved, up to date price list and exchange a smile and quick conversation with me last week?

I am so glad that the week is finally over.  On Wednesday, I decided that just about everything that could go wrong, had already gone wrong.  Boy, was I mistaken!  I will never, ever allow that thought to cross my mind again.  Thursday was a genuine nightmare.

Why? Readers of this farm blog may remember last summer – a summer that I called something like the summer of broken and failing equipment.  In 2009, our truck broke down many times at inconvenient times, while towing the livestock trailer and animals. The trailer had flat tires whenever we needed it to be ready to go, and it takes some strange 1950’s car tire that they may still  drive in Cuba.  Not a standard off-the-shelf tire. Something else went wrong, and I can’t remember what it was… but that was all last year.  How many more parts and pieces can possibly need to be replaced?

In 2010, I can now tell you what those 2009 un-replaced bits all cost in 2010 currency and how many hours it takes to replace them. It was THAT kind of week.  The truck was literally in pieces strewn all over the lawn (or what is left of a in-town lawn during a  semi-drought) at my parents-in-laws-home.  Everyday last week our bathroom wafted that pumice based orange-scented degreaser soap goop.

We missed a slaughterhouse appointment.  I had to make the call to the customer that we missed the appointment for his animal that we custom-raised.  What an awful day.

The weather turned less humid by Thursday, and with the pleasant temperatures and decreased stickiness, instead of more attendees at the markets, seemingly, the customers just disappeared.  Gone.  I had one customer at the Northfield Farmers Market whose name I did not know.  I will ask him next week, and introduce myself.  I knew all the other people who stopped by, which is nice, but…

So I am trying to make lemonade from the bushels of lemons that I accumulated last week during my awful week.

By yesterday I was able to sit back for a half hour and watch the kids play on the front yard at home.  This is the resulting photo – the kids are off to the right out of the frame, but the toys and kid-plastic and cow chewing her cud (“Gringot”) just seemed like the right image for a sunny day.

At the Conway Farmers Market on Wednesday, I picked up some delicious baby greens, fresh heirloom tomatoes, and a loaf of bread.  I prepared the salad simply with olive oil and blueberry balsamic vinegar drizzled lightly over the top.  I enjoyed a lovely sweet pear tomato — a strange little yellow orb with a suede-like skin.  But oh! The flavor it packed was tremendous.

I can heartily recommend our Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked Bacon with heirloom tomatoes  in a lovely BLT.  Perhaps you alter the recipe a bit for the season as I do, and reconstruct it into a BCT in August: Bacon, Cucumber (thinly cut) & Tomato.

Whatever way you eat it, enjoy!


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